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the european union to cancel some of its energy contracts with russia costing in exports. the assumption is that putin may care about the wallet. joining me, steve piefer, currently the director of the arms control initiative with the brookings institute, and jane harmon, ceo and president of the woodrow wilson center for international studies. welcome to both of you. ambassador, let me start with you, since you spent so much time in the country. you made a comment here about what russia's real goal is. they already had access to crimea. they had it as a port. everything they quote/unquote needed about the black sea they had. this is more than that. what does putin want? >> he was unhappy about the events in kiev 10 days ago, and what this is designed to do is destabilize the kiev government. i think most analysts a week ago thought putin would do something, but what we were thinking, it would be economic levers. >> so far more aggressive than anybody thought? everybody is frankly taken aback. >> it was a surprise, he jumped over the economic measures and went to full-scale military okay
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3